Language courses
for Au-Pair

To make your adaptation in the host family quick and easy, we have developed a special language course for participation in the Au-Pair program.

To participate in the Au-Pair program, you need to know the language of the country you are going to, at least at the A1 level. The higher your language level is, the more quickly you may find a host family. So don’t stop at A1. Continue to learn the language with us or on your own.

From the first lesson, you learn the au-pair vocabulary and practice real dialogues, for example: the first meeting with the family, the first acquaintance with the children, discussing the day and weekend plan, meeting the child from kindergarten or school, playing games, preparing lunch for the children, making an appointment with the doctor.

During this language course, regardless of the level, the maximum emphasis is on spoken language. The essence of the communicative-lexical approach is a large amount of communication between the teacher and the student: starting from the first lesson, in each lesson you will speak at least 60% of the time.

The program of these courses is prepared for a specific educational request: for example, you can sign up for a full course of level A1 or A2. You can only take the preparation for the Goethe-Institut test (for Germany). You can only take the preparation for the Start Deutsch A1 test at the Goethe-Institut. Or you can take a few grammar classes to close the gaps in your level or take lessons to develop speaking skills.

And also immediately register for the TOP course of our language school – «Communication with the family». The course consists of 5 lessons, in which you will work out questions and answers to interviews, learn how to properly present yourself, your experience with children, your strengths, the necessary au-pair skills and go through a real training au-pair interview with the teacher.


If you need to learn a language from the very beginning, or if you want to improve your level of proficiency in a foreign language to participate in the Au-Pair program, we invite you to become a student of our language school. We teach English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish and Dutch.

All of our foreign language teachers are former Au-Pair members. They have a philological education and / or have taken courses in teaching methodology.

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At the first free online meeting, you will meet the teacher. You will discuss your personal goals and objectives in language learning. After the meeting, the teacher will prepare a program specifically for your purpose.

Since the classes are individually, you determine a convenient schedule and time for studying yourself.

To monitor your progress and promptly adjust the program, the teacher makes a mini-test every three lessons. After each test, the teacher, if necessary, makes changes to the educational program and you continue your studies further.

Educational format: individual online lessons

One lesson lasts 60 minutes and costs 9 euros

Teaching levels: from the very beginning; A1, A2, B1, B2, C1


Taking classes is not related to the stages of preparation for participation in the Au-Pair program. The sooner you start learning a language, the more confident you will feel in interviews with your host family and upon arrival to your au-pair country.

Register for a free meeting with our teacher.