What will the Au-Pair Program give me?

Or 5 advantages to participate in the program

We all want to realize ourselves in life, because we have only one life, so we need to seize the moment! Ask yourself: what is the most important thing in your life now? You are young, ambitious, intelligent and active, you want to succeed and learn. That is, you want to develop a great international career and maximize your self-realization. Here it is, a young and gambling spirit!

Therefore, the right start is important here, and this is undoubtedly – the international cultural and educational program “Au-Pair”. Thanks to this program, you will strengthen morally, learn and improve your English and several more European languages, improve your leadership skills, feel what an independent life is and, finally, become competitive in the international labor arena.

A vacation in the country for one or two weeks will never give you a complete picture of the culture, traditions and people. Do not believe those who, just coming from vacation, talk about the spirit of this or that country, that they have been able to see. It is impossible to feel this spirit when you just visit tourist places and try dishes in promoted restaurants. Only after spending one or two years abroad, living side by side with an ordinary family, only then you will understand this country and these people.

Why are we talking about this? Just imagine the queue for an interview at an international organization. What is your advantage over others? Why are you better? Believe me, you will be significantly distinguished by the fact that you are fluent in several foreign languages, that you have lived a long period abroad, and therefore you know well the way of thinking, views and even the features inherent in Europeans. Be sure that with such a baggage of knowledge, you are guaranteed to be hired for a prestigious job. After all, Europe is a multicultural environment, and the employer needs an open, capable and multifaceted worker, and not a “fresh” university graduate who was limited by the walls of the university and home.

Why should I participate in the Au-Pair program?

Au-Pair is a one-of-a-kind government program that allows you to live abroad for a long time while studying. You are in another country, with a host family, go to language courses, eat delicious food and live comfortably. You travel a lot with your new friends and do not worry about money and where to get it. Au-Pair is a truly wonderful program!

In addition, since the Au-Pair is controlled at the state level, accordingly, you feel protected. You have guarantees that no one will force you to work overtime and no one will treat you wrong. Such things are very tightly controlled by the employees of our and the host organizations. You do not live with the fear that at any moment you may not be paid or kicked out. No, you live in a pleasant host family completely legally (you are even temporarily registered in the house) and breathe calmly, because you are an au pair!

5 advantages of the Au-Pair program

1. I will perfectly learn several foreign languages

In today’s environment, mediocre knowledge of English is no longer enough. Serious international companies want to see at least a bilingual employee. Not everyone has the opportunity and desire to attend courses to study French or German, without having a serious need for it. Having gone abroad for 12-24 months, you will learn a foreign language anyway. And such training is the most effective and easy, because, despite the fact that you attend language courses, you also actively practice every day, talking with children, with host parents and friends.

2. I will have many-many friends all over the world!

Being an Au Pair is not about sitting with children, diapers and pets. No, this is, first of all, active communication. You will attend courses where you will meet the same Au-Pair participants from all over the world. Do not think that only Ukrainians and Russians take part in the program. No, Au-Pairs are adored by Germans, Austrians, Americans, French, Spaniards … Just imagine fun evenings in such a multinational company! And you will also have this warm relationship for life and you can visit your friends or invite them to your country. Friendship is one of the most valuable treasures that you acquire during the program.

3. I will be self-reliant!

“Independent life from 17 years old? Is not it too early? “- parents will ask. No, not early, but on time! It is from this age that you need to try to live on your own, and in order to feel this taste, you need to act! Living independently is a precious experience that is not taught in college. You become responsible and understand that you can only rely on yourself. This adds self-confidence and brings up leadership skills. You are proud that you can live independently abroad under the au-pair program, that you are studying several languages, working on your future.

4. I can become a student of a European university!

This opportunity should not be missed! Indeed, living in Europe, you can go to university and get a European education. Then you already have a knee-deep sea! By the way, tuition fees in the best universities in Europe are 75% lower than in the United States. And universities are also interested in international development, so they willingly invite foreigners from different parts of the world to study, even for free! Therefore, your classmates can be Irish, Germans, French and even Americans.

In addition to compulsory subjects, you will be able to choose those disciplines that you like the most. Have you dreamed of studying psychology? You are welcome!

5. I can get a cool job in the EU!

After graduation, you receive not only a diploma, but also the opportunity to get a high-paying and interesting job of your dreams in the future!

We are sure that your doubts have been dispelled and you are ready to start your unforgettable journey to your dream, and therefore click to register and become an au-pair!

Stereotypes about the Au-Pair program