On this page we have described in detail the cost of preparing for participation in the Au-Pair program. What services do we offer and payment options that include registration with interest-free installments.

Participate in the program and follow your dream, and we will help you to choose the payment option that will be the most convenient for you.

Full package of services for preparation

for participation in the Au-Pair program


  1. For 6-12 months: 500 euros (16,000 hryvnia)
  2. For 3 months: 200 euros (6500 hryvnia)

 An individual service package may be discussed personally with a consultant.

Choosing a full package of services, you save yourself from unnecessary worries, focus on preparation and remain calm, because the preparation team (child and practical psychologists, au-pair managers and mentors) is always there to help and support you at every stage of preparation and participation in the Au-Pair program.

The full package

  • First, we will check the level of your foreign language. The teachers of our language school will assess your knowledge of a foreign language (English, German, French) and determine your level, possible gaps and your needs in learning the language, give their recommendations and necessary materials for studying, and also issue a certificate confirming your level of foreign language. Our certificates are accepted by embassies and migration services.

  • An au-pair mentor will help you prepare a quality profile. Your profile is the first thing a host family sees. It consists of an application form, a presentation letter, a childcare reference, a photo profile and a video presentation. The profile should show the host family your experience and au-pair competencies - knowledge and skills, so you immediately get into the short list of au-pairs with whom the family wants to make an interview and get to know better.

  • The au-pair mentor will prepare you for the interview with your host family. Your mentor will teach you how to analyze a family profile, understand what family needs, what kind of help it expects from you and what skills you need to improve if you want to go to this family and feel comfortable. A mentor will show you how to choose a family yourself and reduce the risk of changing it. You will learn how to answer family questions, you will know what to ask the family during an interview and how to understand from their answers whether the family is right for you. After general and individual preparation, you will feel more confident in interviews with your family.
  • Your au-pair manager will help you communicate with your family. The au-pair manager will select a family for you, organize an interview and help you in correspondence with the family. You will not be nervous and lost, not knowing what to answer. Your manager will supervise your communication, give recommendations and help you to properly correspond with your family. The manager may be present at the interview to help you and your family immediately understand if you are the right fit for each other, and not delay the conversation for weeks or months.
  • Your au-pair mentor will help you to prepare a package of documents for the embassy and for departure, so that you receive an au-pair visa and id-card upon arrival. You do not need to look for a list of required documents, worry about when and where to put an apostille. Your mentor and manager know the whole process of applying for a visa, they will not forget a single document, they will prepare everything on time, and also prepare you for an interview at the embassy.
  • We will all support you during your preparation and throughout the entire period of your participation in the program. If you have a situation in which you do not know what to do, in our support group you can ask any question and get competent help, both from psychologists and from experienced program participants. In a support group, we analyze conflict situations and give recommendations on how to maintain and improve relations with the family. We also give advice on personal needs of the program participants, for example, how to help a child at 9 years old to start sleeping on his own, and not in his parents' room.
  • If you can no longer stay with the family, your au-pair manager will select a new family and help you get new documents. The au-pair manager will help you find and move to a new family with the least stress for you, and you will also analyze and work out the causes of the conflict so that it does not repeat in the new family. Your manager will support you, and, if necessary, together with the mediator, he will make mediation - a general online meeting with you and your host family.
  • You will have access to a private au-pair community and au-pair groups by countries. Our Telegram groups - are a place for networking, exchange of au-pair experiences and support for each other. You can find like-minded people, make friends with other au-pairs and travel together. And in a group of graduates of the Au-Pair program, girls share unique information about admission to universities, registration for a social year in Germany, job search and moving to Europe.
  • You will participate in closed thematic live streams with psychologists, experts and program participants. On live streams, we study narrow topics that relate to relationships and parenting, relationships with a host family, causes of conflicts and ways to get out of them, issues of personal growth, motivation and adaptation.

  • We give you a certificate of preparation and participation in the Au-Pair program. Our certificate will be a great addition to your resume, as well as the new knowledge and skills acquired during your participation in the Au-Pair program.

Payment options

If you are ready to take part in the Au-Pair program, but now you do not have the entire amount of money, you can use an interest-free installment plan.

You do not need to go to a bank branch, apply for a loan and wait a long time for a decision. The installment procedure is issued online. For you, the amount of the installment plan is divided into equal parts, and we pay the bank interest on your installment plan.

Please choose a convenient messenger for communication, write “Hello” and our au-pair consultants will answer all your questions. Or fill small application forms.

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