Au-Pair School

The au-pair school is not only a quality preparation for life with a host-family abroad, but also the development of oneself while participating in the Au-Pair program.

Our psychologists prepare practical webinars, where they teach how to understand children of different ages, find contact with them and build trusting relationships; how to find time to study the language, the culture of the country and travel, and not just clean the house and play with the children; how to effectively discuss your plans with your host-family; how not to get confused in social roles and how to behave correctly in conflict situations; what skills the Au-Pair program helps to develop and how to spend the year with the benefit of yourself and your career.

Our au-pair ambassadors prepare streams on various topics about the Au-Pair program (rights, responsibilities, children, conflicts, stereotypes). They help new au-pairs who come to their country, make online meetings so that girls feel that they are not alone, and unite all the au-pairs in their country.

Our au-pair bunnies share their experience on livestream and tell what difficulties they face and how they cope with them. For example, they could advise how to tell the host-parents that you have your period and you need an extra day off; learn to discuss with the family the schedule and the set hours of work; explain how to be flexible, be involved in family life and at the same time maintain their interests; share life hacks, how to captivate children, so that they are more interested in au-pairs, and not with TV and video games; and also share information for free on how they apply for a social year after the Au-Pair program, enter foreign universities, find work, get married, have children and build their lives in Europe.

This is important, we make sure that our bunny managers instantly learn about critical situations in families and are ready to immediately turn on to help, even if it’s deep midnight, and are ready to immediately turn on to help, even if it’s deep at midnight.