Our au-pair Khrystyna is kooking for a host family in France

Bonjour ma chère famille! I am facing a new exciting adventure in my life, it is a trip to another fantastic country. Everything is so unknown, but very interesting.

I like hiking, active recreation, I like to go in the woods and I can long admire the stars in the sky and the moon. I also have several hobbies: drawing, yoga, psychology, and learning foreign languages.

By education I am a teacher of English and French. While studying at the university, I had a practice at school in grades 3, 8 and 9. I also organized different holidays with children. It was interesting for me to watch how kids try to learn something new, repeat each step, and do something on their own.

After one year of working with children who were 8 years old, I took senior classes (15 years old) and began teaching them English. It was a double pleasure: children and language.

In addition, I have two sisters: 3 years old and 15 years old. And I try to spend all my free time with them, I just adore children and my little sister also reciprocates. Since my sister is too energetic, it can be difficult to follow her, but I am used to it and I can prevent her actions so that she does not get hurt or break anything.

I believe that it is necessary to be equal with children and explain everything in words. Then kids will listen to you not because they are afraid that you will punish them, but because they love and respect you.

If you talk to your child as an equal partner, she can tell you a lot of interesting things, and you are just interested in how much they understand and how they perceive the world.

I am motivated to be an au-pair because I love children very much and my future profession will be related to foreign languages in the field of teaching and translation.

I also love to travel, learn a lot about the country and its customs. I would be very happy to visit France, namely to gain great impressions, invaluable experience and improve my language skills.

I look forward to our meeting.
With best regards, Khristina

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