Our au-pair Diana is kooking for a host family in Luxembourg

Salut! My dear host family, I believe that we will meet soon and have a wonderful year together!

I am a very cheerful, positive and optimistic person. I see our joint Au-Pair year on a win-win basis 🙂 I will teach children English with great pleasure, and you will introduce me to the culture of the Duchy of Luxembourg and help improve my French :).

I am a philologist-translator of English and French and have my first experience of working with children while studying. I worked as an English tutor for 3 years with children of different ages. These were boys and girls 6-9 years old, and teenage girls 12-15 years old. I love working with children, teaching them something new and seeing the sparkle in their eyes.

As a translator, I have studied child pedagogy and I am very good at preparing for the program at my Professional Au-Pair Agency.

I am hardworking and patient, I know that the involvement of children, games and educational process takes a lot of energy. I understand this and I am ready for it 🙂

In communication with children and people, I always build positive and open communication. Children who are brought up in an atmosphere of benevolence and tranquility develops faster, grows self-confident, sociable, emotionally open. I love being active and having fun, cycling, walking, cooking and playing board games.

I would really like to continue to actively pursue my life, look for myself in all different directions and try something new for me. I am sure that this program will help me learn more about the culture of Luxembourg and Europe in general. In turn, I will, of course, share with you the culture of my country. I am sure that we will become friends and I will be able to tell even more stories about my life.

I wish you all the best and look forward to your reply 🙂
Love, Diana

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