Our au-pair Alisa is kooking for a host family in Luxembourg

Hello, host family, my new friends!

I am an English teacher by education and during the next years I want to dedicate myself to learning the world, languages and most importantly relationships with children, because it is one of the foundations of my

I have experience caring for babies and older kids. I had an internship in a middle school and tried myself as a class teacher. There were 20 children in my class and I had to establish good relations with all of them so that they could approach me not only about their studies, but also about their own problems.

For 3 years, I worked in Germany, it significantly improved my practical language and communication skills. I had the opportunity to visit neighboring countries near Germany and one of them was Luxembourg. I really liked your small and cozy country, where people impressed me with their knowledge of languages, because it was strange and exciting for me to learn that in one country you can speak 4 different languages.

I love to play sports – basketball. I love active recreation, so I am always happy to ride a bike, swim in the summer on the sea or lake, and in the winter to skate or sled. I am also fascinated by art. When traveling, we always visit museums and galleries with friends. As a literature teacher, I like to read, especially classical literature, and in general I like to learn something new from books.

I can no longer wait to meet my Luxembourg family 🙂 Learn about your culture, language and have an unforgettable experience with children, which is very important
to me.

I look forward to your reply.
With best regards, Alice

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