How to know if you need an au-pair

How long can you be a “super woman / man”? For a month, a year?

Personal life, professional development, hobbies, family, children, dog, cleaning, clients, endless stream of duties, stress, emotional burnout – this is how the role-playing dilemma of parents ends.

You perform well in your social roles in relation to children, to your employer, to your own house, but not to yourself.

The benefit of inviting an au-pair is to delegate a part of the daily tasks for which there is not enough time or resources. Less obvious, but more important benefits of inviting an au-pair are a happy mom and a happy dad who have time for themselves and for each other.

In order to spend time with children, to give them energy, parents need to replenish their emotional resource: relax, get enough sleep, engage in hobbies, walk and meet with friends, read not professional literature but fiction, and just be alone in silence.

All this takes time, which you get if there is an assistant at home – an au-pair, who will take the children for a couple of extra hours playing or sort out children’s hills of toys for which there was not enough time before.

Make it your main goal to invite an au-pair – to restore your mental, emotional and physical resources. With the emergence of an  au-pair, time for personal development is freed up, and the children get happy mom and dad. Happy parents – happy children, a happy dog 🙂


Our au-pair Diana is kooking for a host family in Luxembourg Our au-pair Nadiia is kooking for a host family in Luxembourg